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Sustainable Investing

Align your investment dollars with your environmental values without compromising desired performance.

For clients who wish to align their environmental values with their investment choices, ClearView Investments offers sustainability-focused portfolios managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors. These portfolios emphasize companies with environmentally sound practices and deemphasize companies with poor sustainability practices—all without compromising the desired performance of the portfolio.

Just as citizens can voice their values by casting a ballot in a political election, so can investors voice their values by aligning their investments with companies that share similar ideals.

Using a research-based selection methodology, companies are evaluated and scored based on variables such as greenhouse gas emissions, land use and biodiversity, toxic spills and releases, operational waste, and water management. Staying mindful of the importance of maintaining a balanced portfolio, the lowest-scoring companies across all sectors are excluded or underweighted in the portfolio, while those with the most favorable scores receive greater weight.

For those wishing to make their investments work for the greater good of future generations, there’s never been a more practical, convenient, and data-backed opportunity to do so.