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We make investing simple for you. Evidence-based portfolios constructed with academic rigor.

A Clear Path Forward

ClearView Investments, founded by Karl Holzhueter, proudly serves educators, police officers, small business owners, and other “Main Street” investors.

When investors first approach the firm, they often have questions about investing. They want to know: What investments should I choose? Am I getting the returns I should? How much should I be saving or withdrawing? How do I find an advisor I can trust?

We help clients make sense of investing so they can have a clear view how to proceed with peace of mind. Our ultimate reward is seeing clients’ relief when they can say with confidence, “I’m on the right path.” 

Each with backgrounds in the United States Navy and law enforcement, Tim and Karl have spent their lives serving and protecting others. It’s what they do and who they are. Working in the investment advisory industry is simply an extension of the “serve and protect” mission that is ingrained in their hearts.