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Our Story

From Law Enforcement to Investment Advisors

Though officially founded in 2007, the ClearView Investments story truly began back in 2003, when Tim and Karl were serving as police officers. One night, as they were watching “Monday Night Football” with a handful of colleagues, someone posed the question: “If you weren’t a cop, what would you do?” Both Tim and Karl expressed an interest in getting licensed to work in the financial industry, and it was then they discovered a shared desire: to help people avoid investing pitfalls.

Together, they enrolled in and completed the required licensing classes and began working for a large national financial broker-dealer. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for them to witness common industry practices that were not in clients’ best interests.

These common but unethical industry practices didn’t align with their deeply held convictions to protect and serve others. They knew their clients deserved better, so they launched ClearView Investments, an independent Registered Investment Advisor that passionately puts clients’ best interests first—every time.

Tim DeVries Photo

Tim DeVries

Tim’s Path to ClearView. After graduating high school, Tim spent four years serving in the United States Navy before becoming a police detective in Michigan. He attended Aquinas College and earned a Master’s Degree in Management...
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Karl Holzhueter Photo

Karl Holzhueter

Karl’s Path to ClearView. Like Tim, Karl joined the United States Navy right out of high school. During his five years working in Naval Intelligence, Karl was introduced to an investment advisor. He opened his first investment account and put aside...
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Kurt Holzhueter Photo

Kurt Holzhueter

Kurt's path to ClearView. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, Kurt became a special education teacher. He was also a varsity basketball coach for 18 years. After approaching his brother, Karl, for advice on his own investments...
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Lori Holzhueter Photo

Lori Holzhueter

Lori's path to ClearView. Lori has a passion for helping people. She has worked as a registered nurse for over 25 years and still does part-time. Lori has her Series 65 License and works in the ClearView office as the Client Services Coordinator.